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Videos for FireStarter

This page has videos of students presenting their ideas to entrepreneurs at FireStarter sessions starting in the fall of 2014.

We start with a video of Ashley Delaney Owen 2014) explaining whey you should do a FireStarter session.

Ashley Delaney


Videos for the Fall of 2014

A system for rapidly notifyng auto owners of a recall

SmartCub -- Education concept for early child development

Rapunzel--Web site for buying and selling black hair care products

WorkersCompWorkers Compensation exchange


Spring 2015

The next set of videos are from a practice session the TechVenture Challenge student teams did to get ready for their main session two weeks later.

First DiagnosticsBiotech concept

CorneliusPredictive system for medical problems

Bulk Synthesis of Betaine—A crop protection product

Biofax Solution


The next set of presentations werer done by a group of students who wanted to develop a proposal for the Hult Prize.  This is a $1 million prize that goes to the team that comes up with the most innovative approach to solving a significant world problem.  Each student presented a different idea to get feedback on what the entrepreneurs thought would be the best idea.

Ellen Page

Jake Hill

Kathleen McKissack

Matt Inbush

Kevin Glasman

The final set of videos for Spring 2015

Retail customer identification

Fall 2015 Videos

Aklil Abraham  A company that will import hand made goods from Ehtiopia.

James Murray  Selling and buying professional services through an online marektplace

Trisha Fridrich   Ticket selling system for tour companies

Aklil Abraham  Latest version of company selling Ethiopian handmade garments

Kevin Qin  A consultancy to help music entertainers purchase goods and services efficiently

Lisa Clark  An online process to automate and streamline the process of sending Happy Birthday cards.

Richard Watto   A skin cleansing product for sensitive skin called Pepper and Soap. 

Jeffry Nutkis    Giving you a live view of what is happening around you in the social worls

Daniel Yang  Chinese art and how to get it to the public

SaraJane McMahon   Hult Prize ideas for the Hult competition