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Project 1 Marketing Project with Owen Alum


SmileDirectClub is changing the world of orthodontics. We feel everyone deserves a beautiful smile, so we made it affordable! Join a team that is redefining an industry and making a difference in people's lives.

What you will do:

       Work on analysis and as support on major project to launch business intelligence system, Looker, in order to improve operations and transparency within the organization.

       Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

       Knowledge of and ability to apply analytical skills to measure, analyze and improve a rapidly growing startup company.

       Ability to prepare documents, reports, and spreadsheets to present to executive management.


      Current undergraduate or graduate student in Finance, Business or Economics with a minimum of 3.3 GPA.

      Progressive, business minded individual wanting to gain experience in a fast-paced business environment.

      Self-motivated with the ability to multi-task successfully and operate within timeline constraints.

      Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

SmileDirectClub is a young company that’s revolutionizing the invisible aligner market. By connecting patients and providers in the digital space, we can make beautiful smiles more affordable for everyone. We provide direct-to-consumer invisible aligner therapy that allows patients to realign their smile affordably, conveniently and privately from home. Our next step is to help more people transform their smiles by building our team with sharp, experienced team members who are energized by the fast-paced startup environment. If you have what it takes to dig into this market with us, then together we can change how the world thinks about straightening teeth.

Stephanie Forsberg

Director Talent Acquisition


701 Broadway

Nashville, Tennessee 37203



Project 2 Application of existing software product to financial world application

“A Nashville based healthcare software company owns a cloud based mobile compliance platform. The company (ReadyPoint Health, Inc.  ) wants to understand the market opportunity for solving compliance pain points in Fintech (specifically community banking). ReadyPoint believes there could be potential for a simple, easy to use, plug in type solution leveraging the existing compliance tech platform, branding and other company assets. A pivot/market extension like this requires solid research and planning.

ReadyPoint is seeking help with the research and mapping of community bank compliance requirements, and the creation of a market overview, business case/plan and go-to-market strategy options.

- who are the governing regulatory agencies

- what are the compliance standards data sets that must be operationalized

- what is the compliance accreditation processes (timing frequency and form)

- what does the current operational workflow look like to maintain compliance and what are the pain points and costs

- what risk and potential costs (fines etc.) are associated with failing compliance standards

- what type of technical solution could best automate the workflow and what ROI could be associated

- existing competitors and product offerings

- suitability of the company's technology for the opportunity and changes that may be necessary to offer the right model

- build a business plan and go to market strategy

Peter Clifton


20 Burton Hills Blvd., Suite 100

Nashville, Tennessee 37215

615-957-1263  |  Direct


 Project 3 sports betting project (sounds like fun)

 Company: Chalkline Sports

Position: MBA Internship – Market Analyst

Location: Nashville, TN

Start Date: October 1, 2016

About Chalkline Sports

 Chalkline Sports is a media technology company that powers platforms for communities and marketplaces of sports bettors. Our mission is to build highly-scalable mobile-first products that are going to change the sports betting industry. In a data-first, make-everyone-smarter kinda way.

 We  live and breathe our core values: data-driven, laser-focused and personally balanced. We are a tight-knit team of experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals who have lived around the world. It’s not our first rodeo. We’re seeking proven self-starters who will drive rapid growth.

 Position Overview

The MBA Analyst will be responsible for researching and quickly understanding the US and international sports betting landscape. Daily activities will include: primary/secondary research and analysis; marketing research and analysis; strategy planning with the co-founders; and creation of investment decks. You will assist with our capital raise.

 You will be challenged to deliver Excellence, and will have a team of people behind you doing the same. We address challenges collaboratively with a balance of optimism, data and realism. This position reports to the President/Co-founder.


 § Conduct industry and market research; summarize findings visually.

§ Perform analysis of existing or new betting products.

§ Monitor and reporting on industry M&A activity; research investors in the space.

§ Conduct discrete product research for the Product Development team.

§ Build monthly reporting templates and dashboards for key stakeholder groups

 Essential Skills and Qualifications

§ High level of ambition; high energy and biased towards action.

§ A deep interest in market research, with an approach characterized first by clear, concise questions, then by data, and in the absence of data, intelligent assumptions.

§ Solid comprehension of strategic thinking and planning.

§ Strong understanding of company operations, and the ability to get things done efficiently.

§ High-quality communication skills; the ability to build presentations and defend them.

§ Expert level Excel & PowerPoint or Keynote.

 Highly Desirable Experience

§ Experience in banking, financial markets, or legal sports betting markets.

§ Experience as a sports betting consumer.


This position can be for course credit or an hourly rate. Flexible working environment.

Want to Learn More? Email

 and let’s chat.


Project 4  music buying and selling marketplace

 Owen School of Business, Student Project Overview

National Performing Rights Exchange (NPREX)

Contact: Ned Collins,

• Funded with $1M in founder and angel capital

• NPREX will bring a marketplace to the Performing Rights Industry, which is the

buying and selling of music rights between owners and users.

. There has never been a marketplace for this industry.

• $3B flows from users to owners annually in the US; global market is $9B annually

• For the past 80 years middle-men organizations (called PROs) have sat between the owners and users, bundling and selling blanket licenses.

• Over the last decade several events have set the stage for a disruption on this

stagnant and highly regulated system:

o Play data is available from most music users.

o Music owners are seeing a greater portion of their revenue coming from

licensing of broadcasting. CD sales volume is down; streaming volume is up.

o Music owners have been testing the waters for direct licensing, bypassing

the middleman system, mainly with large owners licensing directly with large

users. Sony to Pandora for instance.

o The music artists (writers and performers who get a portion of the $3B via

royalty payments) have grown frustrated and vocal about the lack of

transparency from the middlemen.


The middlemen charge about 18%, which is "too much for too little”, in the words of a large publisher’s CEO.

• NPREX is founded by the former Head Economist for one of the middlemen. He has a PhD in Economics and a JD. As such, he was uniquely positioned to see the coming storm and devise a solution. He quit his job two years ago and began developing NPREX.

• NPREX is a cloud-based service that connects owners and users of music to buy and sell direct licenses. NPREX consists of:

o An exchange (think a combination of eBay and NYSE)

o Standardized contracts

o Standardized processes

o A pricing algorithm which assists both sides in determining bulk, volume

discounted pricing of music.

• The algorithm mated with the exchange is patent pending. NPREX is filing a

secondary patent to supplement the original filing.

• NPREX will charge a much lower rate than currently charged.

• Founding Team:

o President: NPREX inventor; 7 years of industry experience

o CFO/COO: serial entrepreneur

o CTO: 30+ years of tech experience; 10 years of industry experience

o VP Business Development: 25 years of industry experience; 12 years of startup experience


NPREX is seeking MBA student assistance in two areas:

Independent Study: Customer Validation

• Customer survey to determine pain points

• Customer sizing

• Customer segmentation to feed sales strategy planning


• Project(s) will be refined with team

• Objective and timing is to provide critical portions of business plan, in preparation for Round A investment efforts

Both efforts will be under the direction of President and CFO.



Here is a projectfor which a recent Owen graduate needs help.  Owen '15 alum Ashley Schuering looking for marketing plan assistance on food delivery start-up The Local Collaborative - an online farmer's market focused on supporting local growers and purveyors by offering an online marketplace and direct-to-doorstep delivery.   Creative types, foodies and those with an interest in start-up culture desired. Marketing plan must fit within a bootstrapped budget. 

Contact Ashley Scheuring if you are interested. 

Ashley Schuering

The Local Collaborative

CEO & Co-Founder